Update nameservers

To publish your website on Hosting123, you need to update the name servers of your domain. You must do this from the provider where you registered the domain name and it is a very easy process. If you have registered or transferred your domain name to Hosting123, you do not need to take any action.

How can you find out the name servers of your hosting service?

After you sign up for a hosting plan, name server information for your service will be sent to your email address. Please check your inbox for this.

If you did not receive this e-mail or deleted it by mistake, log in to your Hosting123 account and check the “Server Information” field at the bottom of the management page of your active hosting service to find out the name servers of your hosting service.

After updating the nameservers you need to wait for DNS propagation. Domain propagation depends on your domain’s registry. It can take from 5 minutes to 48 hours (extremely rare) to spread worldwide and is not provider related.

If you have any issues with name servers, you can create a support ticket from your Hosting123 account.

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